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V-Gear VG-2KS Intelligent 2Ch Simultaneous V-Lock Charger & UPS


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2-Channel Intelligent V-Lock Battery Charger, Camera Power Supply + UPS Function


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The V-Gear VG-2KS is a portable intelligent Li-ion battery charger that has been designed to recharge two V-Lock type Li-ion batteries simultaneously. It also features a built-in 75W power supply that can be used as a camera or accessory power supply providing up to 4.5 amps. A major advantage of the new VG-2KS is that power can be supplied via the 4-pin XLR to power cameras and accessories, and in the event of a mains power failure, the VG-2KS will continue to supply power to your equipment from the batteries connected to the charging plates. (The optional VG-DCCABLE is required to enable DC-Output and DC UPS capabilities).

The V-Gear VG-2KS is CE and RCM compliant and comes complete with an approved mains lead.

UPS Function

When using the 4pin XLR power output with 1 or 2 charged batteries attached - should the mains power fail - the VG-2KS will continue to supply power from the batteries allowing for UPS-style operation of the DC output. VG-130S (130Wh) or greater capacity batteries are recommended for the UPS function.


The V-Gear VG-2KS offers a lightweight design with a convenient built-in handle.

Condition Indicator

An LED condition indicator is offers a quick glance of each batteries charge status - charging, charged, or discharging via 4 Pin XLR (UPS function).

Power Supply

A 4-Pin XLR type connector is available on the front panel for 75 watts of DC power. Note DC-output and DC-UPS functions require the use of an optional cable (VG-DCCABLE).

World-Wide AC Power

A world-wide, auto-sensing AC power (AC 100-240V) operation is standard.

  • Interface: Sony V-Mount
  • Input: AC 90-240V, 47-63Hz
  • Output - Charging: 16.8V @ 2.0 Amps (2 Ch simultaneous charging)
                                16.8V @ 3.0 Amps (Single Channel charging)
  • Output - Adapter: 15V 4.5 Amps Max
  • Product Dimensions: 140(L) X 116(W) X 225(H)mm
  • Working Temperature: -10°C - +45°C
  • Product Weight: 990g


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