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V-Gear marSoar Gimbal Unit


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Professional 3-axis Hand-Held Gimbal Stabilizer Unit to suit Smart Phones and GoPro

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marSoar - the essence of balance.
V-Gear marSoar - perfect balance for your Smart Phone or GoPro.

Shooting hand-held video on a smart phone or GoPro is difficult at the best of times. The small, high resolution sensors in today's phones and GoPro's just seems to magnify any bump or movement to the extent that it makes you feel sea-sick, or is just plain unwatchable. Well, here's the answer... the V-Gear marSoar Gimbal Stabilizer.

The marSoar is a smart, 3-axis stabilizer that fits comfortably into your hand. You simply mount your phone (or your GoPro via an optional adaptor plate) into the stabilization platform and away you go... shooting beautifully smooth video. The V-Gear marSoar will keep your phone or GoPro aimed on-target - smoothing out those awkward arm bumps and hand movements, giving your videos a professional look.

Several modes of operation are available:

"Following" Mode: The Stabilizer points to any direction - following your arm/hand gestures.
"Horizontal Lock" Mode: The Stabilizer is free to move left & right, but the stabilization platform is locked horizontally.
"Target Lock" Mode: The Stabilizer locks to your target - no matter how you move...

The V-Gear marSoar 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizer - Your friends and family will love you for it...

Inferior units with only 2-axis stabilization are available for over $600... Check out the V-Gear marSoar and compare!

(smart phone and/or GoPro not supplied)

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