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V-Gear VG-F970H 7.2V 8800mAh 65Wh DV Camera Battery


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V-Gear VG-F970H 7.2V 8800+mAh (65+Wh) Ultra-high Capacity Battery

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Small, lightweight, with a SUPER high-capacity of 8800mAh+ (65+Wh), the V-Gear VG-F970H Lithium Battery Pack provides the advantages of lithium-ion, meaning it can be charged or discharged at anytime without developing memory effect. The battery is ideal for larger, power hungry devices such as camera and wireless links. Lasts for up to 16 hours on a single full charge!

The VG-F970H is a 7.2V, 65+Wh Li-ion DV battery compatible with SONY L series NP-F770/990/970/960/950 batteries. It also features 4-level LED indicator to give you a view of remaining power before mounting to camera. The build-in intelligent circuit has multiple protections against abnormal current, voltage and temperature.

  • 7.2V
  • 65+Wh capacity
  • SONY L series Li-Ion DV battery compatible
  • 4-level LED power indicator


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